Friday, September 2, 2011


This morning I went to Turbokick and Jamie went too. I love Turbokick, it's a great workout and you feel like you actually worked out. Afterwards we went to the park by house with Drew and Jack. The kids had a little snack thanks to Jamie before playing. They were worn out from playing at the gym.

It was hot but we were there a little after 10 and we were the only ones there. It's so nice!

Parker loves Drew and Jack and is so cute when he says their names.


Parker likes to stand on the bottom step and jump over and over.

Hi Mom!

He didn't want to leave but Drew had to get ready for kindergarten and we needed to stop at Mimi's house.

Coop talked Mimi into two snow cones. He was so happy.

It was a great treat to eat after playing hard on a hot day.

Then we had to hurry home for lunch and to pack. We picked Baylor up from school and then went to pick up Daddy from work. We are excited for a weekend together and lots of time on the water.

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