Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Baseball

Today was Baylor's first fall baseball game. The season lasts for six weeks and all games are played on Sundays at 1:00 and 3:00. Yes, each week is a double header. He also moved up to the next division so there are lots of new rules and it's much more competitive. He is very happy that Mason ended up on his team, he misses him since they aren't in the same class this year.
They found some time to talk in the dug out.

In this division the kids start out pitching and it's three strikes and you're out, which is a big change from the instructional league. He had a rough time the first three times at bat. He was a little discouraged and I kept hoping he would get a hit. Thankfully he did get two great hits and runs. He was definitely all smiles when he ran into home.

The weather was so strange. It was sunny and blue skies and then dark clouds rolled in with thunder and lightning. We cleared the field three times and ended up in the equipment barn. There were lots of people inside.

Anytime there was lightning we had to clear the field and then wait ten minutes until it was clear again. We did this a total of three times. It was a long day at the ball field.

I was so thankful I asked Miss Sarah to watch the little boys because we got there at 12:15 and we were not done until 5:45. It had rained too so our chairs were soaked and I ended up standing for the last hour and a half.

The first game was rough for our whole team and the green team won.

By the second game, things seemed to click for everyone and the boys all did so much better. We ended up beating the green team by one run for game two. Our team is sponsored by Mama Nita's pizza and the boys were excited to have pizza in between games.

The boys after church.

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