Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tractor Trouble

This old Allis Chalmers tractor has sat back in our woods since before Baylor was two. When Tom's dad first gave it to us it did run and Tom would give Baylor tractor rides up and down the street. Baylor loved to ride the tractor. The last time they rode it stopped running a few driveways away and we had to push it back, not an easy task. Well the other two boys have never actually been on a ride but love to sit on it. Pappaw is in town for a few weeks and decided he would try to get it to run again.
When Baylor got home from school he hurried inside and did his homework so he could get out to help Pappaw.

Pappaw and Baylor worked hard but it wouldn't start. The engine would not turn over. She's sat outside for several years and is old so who knows the extent of the work necessary to get her running again.

Baylor was sad it wouldn't start but sure did have fun trying.

Now we have to decided if we want to put any money into the old tractor to get it to run or try to sell it. It's going to be interesting getting it out of its spot in the woods.

It started to storm and Pappaw and Baylor hurried in and the little boys were just waking up. They were all happy to see Pappaw.

They haven't seen him since July when we were in Alabama and it's been a long time. They were happy he was here!

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