Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter with Mammaw and Pappaw

Pappaw and Parker. Park had fun in the basket of eggs after the hunt.
Thanks Annie for having us at your house!
The sun finally came out and the boys played a game of basketball.
Coop on the hunt.
It was raining at the time of the hunt so we did it inside.
All ready!
Lily and Park.

We brought dessert. Cakes from Taylor's, yummy.
Our neighbor's cookies were a hit. Are these cute or what?

We celebrated Easter with Mammaw and Pappaw today. Since they are moving:( we had the celebration at Aunt Annie's house. It was so nice of her to host since it is such a big group. We had Kopper Kettle for lunch and it was so tasty. It was pouring down rain early in the day and we had to have the egg hunt inside. The kids still had a great time and loved their prizes from Mammaw and Pappaw. Parker loved playing in all of the eggs. Later in the day the sun was out and the kids had fun playing on the driveway. It was a fun day with family.

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