Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Day

He carries these big garden tools all over the yard. He's quite serious about yard work. He's so happy to have his own mitt and bat.
A little basketball.
All of our stops wore this baby out.

He loves the dough balls at Don Pablos.
What a sweet face.
He kept kissing his new duck.
This morning after taking the big boys to school Parker and I tried to go get my phone fixed but they couldn't get it to work. I can answer calls on speaker only which is really fun, but I have appt. to get it fixed at the Apple Store Saturday. Afterwards we stopped by Starbucks for a tea and Cinnamon Swirl coffee cake, Parker really wanted it! I couldn't let him down. At home we worked on Easter cards and folded laundry. Since we worked on the house all weekend our laundry pile was out of control. We worked for an hour and didn't get it all done but I will finish it by this evening, it is driving me crazy! After getting the big boys we went to Greenwood at Mimi. We went to Hobby Lobby first and Mimi got the boys an early Easter treat. They are so funny picking out treasures. Parker even picked out a little duck and a package of eggs. We ate lunch at Don Pablos and we were noisy. The boys were playing, singing, and being loud at lunch but they had a great time. At least it was noisy in the restaurant. We then went to The Christmas Tree Shop and Von Maur. When we came home we played outside for a little bit. The sun was shining and it was much warmer. Everyone was ready for a nap after a fun and busy day!

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d_freestone said...

I love play dough, too, Cooper!!