Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We ended the day with a sweet treat.

Parker had a dinosaur cookies, Cooper had a caramel apple, and Baylor had an ice cream cone. Can you tell Ethan had a chocolate chip cookie?
Looking good in his space suit.

Cheese! Ethan and were busy making us tea.
Ethan was hard at work.
Doing a little digging.
He was a butterfly.
How does your garden grow?

Park popped his head right in the hole.
Driving the car.
They both liked baby Jaguar.
They still love the bank. There is a big Jelly Belly exhibit. The whole picture is made out of Jelly Belly candy. I love to eat Jelly Belly jelly beans. My favorite flavors are peach and coconut. I do not like the popcorn jelly bean. What is your favorite?

Baylor liked the pictures.
He loved trying these out when we got to the museum.
A first for us, the car died in the pick up line.
Pappaw was busy cleaning out his barn but he came to our rescue and got our car started.
Today was a crazy day! It was going to be a nice calm day and sometimes things don't always go the way we plan. The morning started out great. We took B to school got gas, went to the drug store, and got McDonald's for breakfast. We came home and did more laundry and then went to go get Baylor. We got to school early and were the second car in line. We turned off the car and put the windows down and waited for him. Parker was asleep and Cooper was talking and playing with toys in the back. We even sang a few songs and just enjoyed the sunshine. When Baylor came out he ran to the car and we got ready to go, except my car wouldn't start. I was in shock and of course the whole pick up line had to go around me. Tom was in the air so I wasn't sure what to do. Thankfully Pappaw was at home and came and jumped our car and followed us home. We were so thankful for his help! We were planning on meeting Jen at the museum for lunch but we decided to eat on the way and meet her late. Pappaw helped me get the car seats out of the car and get them in Mimi's van. It took forever to get there because of construction and the circle was closed for some event, but we finally made it. The boys had fun and were excited to see Ethan. We played in Dora, Egypt, the carousel, and Science works and ended the day with some sweet treats. We did have one other mishap in the potty with Cooper. He had a little trouble with his aim and tinkled all down his pants and underwear. We were only in our second exhibit and he was crying that he had to go home. I walked him to the gift store and he thought I was taking him to a babysitter. We found one costume with pants, an astronaut, and changed in the bathroom. He loved it and was happy he was able to stay and play. It really ended up working out great but was a crazy day. We ended the day with baseball practice and then dinner and shower. I am exhausted and ready for bed!!!!

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Amy said...

Gotta love days like those! Hope everything is OK with the car. PS- Ryker is notorious for bad aim. I always carry a spare outfit just in case. It gets used often!