Saturday, April 2, 2011

House Update End of Week 11

Looking up.
The view from landing.
Tom's new study doors.
Upstairs the new wall is up to replace the stairs with the unsafe bars in game room. I am so happy about this!
Looking into family room.
The backsplash turned out great.

My mom center:).
The downstairs bathroom.
I love the door and all of the light.
The kitchen.

The fireplace area with the granite.

We were all sad to leave the beach because we love it there and had so much fun together. We were excited to get home though because we could move in!!! After 11 weeks the house is 99% DONE!!! There are still minor things that need to be completed downstairs and lots of touch up area. There is still work upstairs but the major stuff is done. When we pulled in the driveway at 9:30 pm one of our builders was at our house finishing. I think we scared him because he was expecting us much later. They worked hard and we love how it turned out! Hank even spent one night at our house and worked all night long. They knew when we got home we were moving in and were so ready. It was definitely worth the wait.


Nicole said...

The house looks great!

d_freestone said...

Jessie, the house looks wonderful! I can only imagine how excited you were to get back in the kitchen!!! Congratulations!

jamie said...

Your house looks amazing!! I love it! I am so happy it is done!