Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Easter Party

All of the kids had so much fun!
They were excited to open their eggs and find what candy was inside. I got the sand buckets and wrote their names on them and they worked great.

We played a relay game where they had to carry an egg on the spoon around the pole and then hop back like a bunny. They really liked this game.

We also played bunny toss with the pink berets from the movie Hop.

Getting his eggs.

They didn't care that we had to hide the eggs inside.

They painted ceramic bunnies and they turned out so cute.

He was hard at work.

I loved this cute bulletin board at his school. I love these sweet feet.

The saying is so true of our weather right now. There are mud puddles everywhere!

Today was Cooper's Easter party at preschool. He had helped me get everything organized and was ready for the party. We had an egg hunt inside the church. It was sunny but chilly and the grass areas were like a swamp. This is my fourth year in a row to do the preschool Easter party and we have had the egg hunt inside each year because of weather! We also played bunny toss and a little egg relay. The kids painted a bunny and they turned out so cute. We had cupcakes and juice for snack and they loved the Easter rings on top. All of the kids got an Easter coloring book and a stuffed duck. The kids were all so cute and had a great time. On the way home Cooper told me he loved me and was happy I was at his school. He knows how to melt my heart.

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d_freestone said...

Atta boy, Cooper!! You have learned excellent manners!!! The party sounds like a lot of fun!!