Thursday, April 14, 2011

Park and Hop

Mimi and Baylor loved the movie.
Coop was happy with his kids pack!
What a great movie!
Go Cooper!
It's a really tall slide.
The bees really bounce.
I love it when he laughs.
I was his bouncing partner.
This made Mimi nervous.
Coop was having fun bouncing here.
We have been wanting to take the boys to see the movie Hop. They were excited to go see it before Easter. Sarah came today and watched Parker and we had a day with the big boys. Since it was such a nice day with sunny weather we went to the park by our house and played and then ate lunch there before the movie. For a long time we had the whole playground to ourselves. It is such a nice playground and I know we will be there so much in the future. After playing hard we went to the movie. We had the whole theatre to ourselves again! The movie was adorable! The boys loved it and enjoyed the whole movie. It really was a great movie, I would definitely recommend it and want to get it when it comes out on DVD. Afterwards we stopped by Walmart to get some Hop toys. The boys were happy with their Hop paddle balls, bouncy balls, and cuddlies.

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