Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Fun Night

Our family with our pretty Easter eggs.

Mimi and Pop stopped over for a Smore and they took our picture.
We took several and this one was funny too.

Hallelujah, the tomb is empty!

The peep smores are so tasty!

Parker got to dye some eggs too.

He was proud!

Such fun!

He wanted his eggs to be just right.

He loves his Daddy!

Baylor's eggs were so bright!

My helpers for the rolls. They loved spreading the butter and sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar.

The rolls were so easy, you need a can of Grand biscuits, bag of large marshmallows, cinnamon, sugar, and melted butter.

Closing his tomb.

He had cinnamon everywhere!

They turned out good and were so tasty.

"He is not here; He has rises, just as He said."

Matthew 28:6

Tonight we had lots of fun Easter activities to do as a family. It was the only night this week that we didn't have any other obligations. We had a yummy dinner of Tacos and then got started on the fun. Before starting I read the Easter Story from our Children's Bible and read about the Empty Tomb. Our first activity for the night was to make resurrection rolls. The boys had so much fun making them and were so surprised to find out that the roll or "tomb" was empty after we baked them. I found this idea on a blog I read, Filled with Praise, you can go there and see how to make them too. They are so easy and really quite tasty too! While our rolls were baking we dyed Easter eggs. We colored 36 eggs so there were lots to work on. The boys had so much fun and did a great job. They had some beautiful eggs. To top off the night we made Peep Smores that were quite delicious too. You take a graham cracker with chocolate and put a marshmallow peep on the top and zap it in microwave and then top off with another graham cracker. The peep is so tasty melted, they were delicious!!! We had a great night as a family and enjoyed all of our fun.

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