Monday, July 16, 2012

Artist and Baker

This week both boys are going to camp.  Cooper has art camp and it's all about bugs.  He was excited to go!

 Baylor has been waiting for cooking camp.  He was so excited that it started today.  He was up early and ready to go.
 Today they baked lots of cookies and worked on decorating them.
 So cute and delicious!
It was raining during the day today so Mimi and I ran errands while the big boys were gone.  We picked Coop up at noon and then went to Demetrio's for lunch and then went to a few more stores before we picked Baylor up at 2:00.  It was still raining so we came home and took a nap.
 The sun was out at night and it ended up being a great evening.

 We went to St. Armand's and ate dinner at the Columbia.
  • We went to a few stores before heading home for the night.

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