Friday, July 20, 2012

InstaFriday: July 20

I am linking up for InstaFriday this week.  These are really beach pictures from the past three weeks.  I haven't had my phone with me much during the day, too hard to keep dry and sand free but still have taken some pictures.  This is the first time I've plugged my phone in while I've been gone to download my pictures. So I guess this is InstaFriday X 3!
 1. B wants to wear a hat every night.
2. Nap time positions.
3. I've been taking a nap with P and C in the guest room.  I sleep in one twin, Coop on the aero bed in the middle, and Park on the other twin.  Some days it's hard to get them to settle since they are so close, but once they do they are out.
4. Daddy has been busy putting all the baby items together at home.
5.  Our sticker book has saved us at dinner many times.
6. Eating at The Old Salty Dog.
7. Skim boarding at night.
8. Coop had an audience.
9. Parker being himself.
 1. He's got the moves.
2. Red, white, and blue boys.
3. Shell sorting at nap.
4.Love Park's legs hanging off the bed at night.
5. Trying to keep him occupied at dinner.
6. Dinner outside, such a lovely view.
7. Baylor the pirate.
8. Mimi love.
9. He wants to be just like Baylor.
 Daddy keeps sending us house updates.  He has been so busy at home.  He moved the boys rooms and worked so hard everyday!  I'm excited to see it all!
 1. Trying to gear P up for a new baby.
2. His hair is so long he can wear my clip.
3. Happy after nap.
4. Parker as Baxter.
5. This day they were in a secret club.
6. Some days they are best friends, others they argue non stop!
7. Ice Age was great.
8. Napping inside the pillow case.
9. At the circus.
 1. I think he looks like Daddy here.
2.  Bakery class, Monday he made cookies.
3.  Coop made this cool caterpillar at art camp.
4. Tuesday was pie and turnover day.
5. Headed to the pool for night swimming right after sunset.
6. Sitting on the sunny side of the table, he needed my glasses.
7. Baylor's drawing from dinner.
8. Coop's pretty bird.
9. Wednesday Baylor made cake pops and cupcakes.
1. My snow cone, wish I found this place earlier in the month.  I could eat one every day!
2. Thursday was cookie day.  They were so good.
3. His cupcakes.
5. At the Ringling Museum!
life rearranged


Nicole said...

Aww! I love the new blog photos! They turned out great!

Diane Freestone said...

I agree with Nicole, the new photos and format is excellent! Tom has been a busy guy!!! Thank you for sharing the SRQ photos...I've loved them!