Saturday, July 14, 2012

Favorite Beach Day and Circus

Saturday is our favorite day at the beach.  It's check in/out day so the beach is always empty until late afternoon.  You can have a huge spot all to yourself which is just how we like it.
It was another great day!
These plastic boats have provided so much fun for all of the boys.  They were sailing them in the little water area before the shore.

Love the colors.
My little water boy.  It never gets old to fill up your bucket with water just to dump it within seconds and then do it all again.
Baylor was making sandmen.  I love them so much better than snowmen.
I never grow tired of this view, I truly could live by the beach!

Boarding brothers.
Park used his boogie board like a skim board today.
He had a little family.
Baylor on his board.
The clouds are so pretty.
We ate lunch and swam at the pool before heading in for nap.  We had a fun night planned.  We went to the Summer Circus at the Ringling Museum.
It was so much fun and the boys loved it!
This clown was so funny and kept the boys entertained before the show started.  I was a little worried when we first got there because it was an older crowd that was dressed really nice and was in a really nice theatre, but the boys did great.  Parker even cried when it was over, he wanted to see more!

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