Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Boy and his Boats

 Today was another great beach day!  We headed to the beach after breakfast.  The boys really enjoy spreading out and playing in all the open space.  The condo is small and there is lots of togetherness so the beach is great for all of us.
 I could never grow tired of this view.
 Love these crazy, busy, loud boys of mine.
 Parker got some boats in the clearance section at Target the other night and he has had the best time with them at the beach and the pool.  They entertain him for a long time.
 Parker and I sat down by the shore and had a great view of the big boys skim boarding.
 Today Coop tried to teach two little girls how to do it.  He said he was a skim boarding teacher.
 Mommy and Park.
 After a late lunch we went to the pool and then came in for nap.  While we were at nap Baylor and Mimi went back to Mosaic class and finished his shark.  He did a great job and it looks awesome!
Coop acting silly in the car while we waited for Mimi to get a table at Yoder's for dinner.
Our best part of the day came late at night when Daddy surprised us at the door.  He will be here until Friday, hurray!!!

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