Thursday, July 19, 2012

Circus Day

Parker the water boy.  He loves swimming and is so brave.  He wants to be able to dive down like his brothers to get toys.  He loves putting his face in the water and is swimming across the pool.  He goes all around.  He loves to jump and do cannon balls.  We had the whole pool to ourselves this morning while the boys were in class and it was so nice.  Swimming has been really good for me too.

 Park and I went back to the house when Coop was home from art and we all ate lunch and then went back to the pool.  Coop loves swimming too and is quite the fish.  He has perfected his dive while we have been gone and is really good at swimming the whole length of the pool.  He was busy taking pictures of himself under the water.  Love his smile!
 After bakery class B came to the pool with Mimi.  He had another great day at the bakery.
 We decided to skip nap again today to go the Ringling Museum.  The museum is open until 8:00 on Thursday and offers half price admission after 4:00.  We got there in time to tour the Ringling Mansion.  They have done a huge renovation since the last time we went and it is amazing.  What a beautiful home and view. It's hard to believe how old it is and it would be so neat to travel back in time and see the home filled with activity.  The boys loved looking around and the patio was the highlight.  They had these really neat strollers you could use in the home which made it much less stressful with Parker.
 All of my boys and Mimi with the big boys.
 The grounds are beautiful and the gardens are amazing.  The big boys went to the art museum with Mimi too.  They were so funny talking about the statues, they were appalled that they were naked:).
 The circus museum was really neat and had so many circus artifacts.  The Ringling train car where John and Mable traveled is inside and looks just like it did in the day.  It was so neat to see.  Some of the train cars that held animals are over 150 years old.  I couldn't use a flash inside and many areas were darker so my pictures did not turn out great, but it was so fun!
 The next building has hands on activities for kids and lots of neat circus information.  The model circus town is truly amazing.  The boys loved looking at it all!
We had a great visit and definitely want to go back again next year.  I think this would be such a fun place to volunteer if I lived here, maybe one day:)!
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The Smiths said...

Just stopping by from Embrace the Camera. Your blog is adorable and so is your family. I'm a new follower. :-)

The Smiths said...

Hi, I'm just stopping by from Embrace the Camera. Your blog is so cute and so is your family. I'm a new follower. :-)