Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday at the Mote

 Over the weekend a tropical wave out in the gulf carried in lots of seaweed.  The beach front was covered and it was all in the shallow water.  The boys are not huge fans of swimming in seaweed so we decided to head to the mote for the day.  It was also really crowded at the beach this week and the pool was nuts so we thought it would be good to go on an outing.
 The Mote is such a great place and there are always new things to see.
 Checking out the big crab.
 They all went in the hurricane simulator together and had the best time.
 The wind started out slow and then got so strong.  The big boys were giggling and having the best time.
 Park decided to exit but these two hammed it up.
 We were there for shark feeding again and we watched from down below this time.  Love Parker's face here.
 Can you tell which brother was getting in trouble, notice the foot.
 The sharks coming to their designated sign.  
 You could really see the sharks eat from below.  It was a great spot to watch.
 We have enjoyed all of our visits this summer.
 Yeah for a fun day!
 We had to touch the stingrays too.
 They got to pet several today.
 Then we headed to the Old Salty Dog to eat.  Such a pretty spot for lunch.
 The boys got little fans at the mote in the gift shop and they kept us cool at lunch.
 I took the big boys to the mammal center one more time to see the turtles, dolphins and manatees.
 He loves learning about sea life and was always asking questions to the volunteers.  The Mote has such nice volunteers, many are retired teachers.
 Hugh and Buffet the manatees.
 The we stopped at the snow cone store, really so Mommy could get a treat.  I love them!
 The boys love them too!
 They all went with all cherry this time.
 Parker was a fan!
 Such a fun day.  By the time we got home it was time for nap.
 Daddy met us for dinner at Demetrio's.  We had to go one more time.
 We ate there so much over the past month and the boys would pick to go there every single night.  It's their favorite for sure!
 Parker loves the sauce shells.
 Then we headed to the beach for sunset.  The sun went behind the clouds but the sky was beautiful.  I love all of the colors.
 3 Hurst boys in a row.
I took the boys swimming after the beach, a great way to end the night.  I can't believe our time is almost over, oh how I love the beach!

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