Thursday, July 5, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Fourth of July Night

We had a great 4th!  We went to dinner at Demetrio's before heading to the beach for fireworks.  Mimi brought some festive straws and decorations to use for dinner.
We tried to stay dry but the water was calling Park's name.
Three red, white, and blue boys.
It was such a pretty night at the beach!
Park had to get a change of clothes before fireworks because he was soaked!  We brought glow necklaces and they had fun playing with them before the fireworks started.  They were great and it was a long show.  
When we came in we had Yoder's chocolate cake and fresh peach pie!  YUM!  It was a great night.

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Diane Freestone said...

PEACH PIE....FRESH PEACH PIE!!! Sniff sniff....Hopefully Yoder's will still be making Peach Pie by the time we get to Sarasota! Thank you for sharing your photographs. It makes my not being there be a little better..... Keep having fun!