Friday, July 13, 2012

Shark Feeding and Ice Age

 On Friday morning we were all up early.  Daddy had an early flight and we wanted to leave early to get to the Mote for shark feeding and training.
 We were there right when it opened and had time to look around again.
 It's such a fun place.
 This crab was huge!
 Little octopus.
 We managed to stay dry in the touch cove today.
 Touching one of the crabs.
 The starfish are so neat.

 Then it was feeding time.
 The fed the stingrays and larger fish first.
 It was neat to watch the stingrays.
 Then it was shark time.

 The Mote is one of the leading centers for shark research.  The various types of sharks have been trained to go to a different sign where they will then receive their food.  It was really neat to watch.  They also use the sign to move the sharks into a holding tank area to do any testing on them that they may need to do.  At the mote they are currently doing research on sharks and why they do not get cancer.  
 After the sharks are fed, they throw in smaller fish for the rest of the fish in the tank.
 This made all of the creatures very active.
 Another fun time at the Mote.
 Coop did great touching the sting rays today.  Afterwards we ate lunch at The Old Salty Dog and had a pretty view of the water.  
 Before leaving we went back to the mammal center to see the sea turtles, manatees, and dolphin.
 They were doing hearing testing on the dolphin that was neat to watch.
When we got home we all went swimming before nap.
At night we went to the mall and ate dinner at the food court.  Mimi and Parker went shopping and I took the big boys to see Ice Age 3.  They loved it and had fun at the movie.

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