Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner and the Marina

It was another rainy morning here at the beach.  The boys had class again and were excited to go.  After we picked up Coop we went shopping and ate lunch before we got Baylor at the bakery.  Today was pie day and he made pies and turnovers.  He was so proud.  By the time we got home the sun was starting to peek out.  It ended up being a beautiful night and was even a little cool, crazy!
 We went to dinner at Word of Mouth and sat outside.  Thankfully we were the only people outside so it was a stress free dinner.  It was prime rib night so that's what Baylor decided to order.
Coop loved watching all the lizards at dinner.

 Parker's dining habits have gone down hill over the past few days.  I think he's over going out to eat!  He's just too loud.  He doesn't want to sit in his high chair either, which is not an option.
 After dinner we went to the marina to look around at all the boats.  Mimi and Park stayed in the car so we didn't have to chase him and they watched from the car.  The big boys loved seeing the sailboats.
 I'm having a hard time believing school is starting in two weeks and that he will be in second grade.  Summer has truly flown by this year!

 Coop liked throwing the shells in the water.
 We walked around and checked out some of the bigger boats too before leaving.  They liked seeing the fishing boats.
 Love these crazy boys!
Afterwards we came home and I took the boys swimming.  It was a great night to swim and help them burn off some energy.

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