Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beachy Afternoon

Coop and Baylor went to class this morning and Parker and I stayed in and hung out until Coop was back.  We ate lunch and then were headed to the pool when we found it was closed because of a child having an accident.  We decided to head to the beach.  It was really wavy today but perfect for skim boarding.
Coop had fun watching some bigger boys and then showing off his skills.
We played down by the water where there was a great breeze.
I took the boys out in the water but the waves were too big for Parker's liking so they used the boogie boards to dig and add sand.
Baylor and Mimi came and then they played ball and ran around the beach.  We stayed at the beach until late afternoon which meant we skipped nap.  We wanted to go to Southgate and since the mall closes at 8:00 we decided to go after coming in from the beach.
Park fell asleep within minutes of being in the car so we stopped at a snow cone shop that we found the other day.  It is so cute!  The inside is adorable and the snow cones are so delicious.  Mimi stayed in the car with Park and we brought her a snow cone to eat and the big boys stayed in with me and enjoyed eating their tasty treat on a surfboard table.  Afterwards we went to the mall and did some shopping.  Overall the boys did pretty good without a nap.  We picked up dinner and ate at home after our shopping trip.

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