Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Pool Day Before School

 On Monday morning I took Coop to a follow up appointment at the Pediatric GI doctor.  He did great and we can continue without the acid reflux medicine for now and just give him Miralax.  He also gained a pound which is great news.  Afterwards Coop was my errand buddy and we got some things done before heading home to get the big and little brother.  
 We picked up lunch and ate at the pool for our last pool day before Baylor starts school.
 It was another great day to be in the pool!
 Yeah for swimming.
 Happily playing together.  Cooper was the motor and Baylor was the passenger.  Coop took him all over the pool.
Coop is going to miss Baylor on Wednesday when he is at school all day.
 I'm not sure how much Baylor will miss his little brothers;).
We have loved swimming this summer.  Hopefully the little boys will have a few more pool days with Mommy before Sawyer arrives.

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