Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swimming and Sharks at Sharky's

 Thursday we spent the morning at the beach and then headed to the pool to swim after lunch.
 It felt so good to swim.

 The boys love to take underwater pictures.
 It never gets old!
 Cousin It with all of his hair.
 He's a fish too.
 Hi Parker.
 They had fun playing Monkey in the Middle with another little girl at the pool.
 We took late naps and then went to Sharky's for a later dinner.
 It was packed and the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes but thankfully we got one of the self service table by the beach after only 15 minutes.
 They love playing in the pirate ship.
 Mr. Handsome.
He's getting so big!
 He's a buster.
 We had a great spot to watch the sunset.  It was so pretty.  While we were waiting for our food there was lots of commotion on the pier.
 Someone had caught a 5 foot nurse shark in shallow water.  The boys ran to the beach to see it with Mimi and Pop.  There were people swimming right by where the shark was caught!
It was another fun night at Sharky's.  We always love going there!

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