Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pop's Last Day

Today was Pop's last day at the beach.  We were so sad to see him go!  We were up early to spend the day outside.
It was another beautiful beach day.
Pop was busy shell collecting again.  Ever since I was a little girl he has loved collecting shells.  He's great at finding good ones.
Skim boarding pro.
Go Bubby.
Waiting for a great wave.
The ocean was so calm and pretty.  A perfect last day for Pop.
Park brought this little chair and set right by the shore with me today while the boys skim boarded.
The boys have loved spending so much time with Pop.
Love the colors.
They have been big ocean swimmers.  They like to dive down and find shells and fish.
Playing with Pop.
He likes to look for pirates at the beach.
Park loves to dig.
It's fun to watch them.
Park thinks he should be able to skim board too.  He wants to be big like his brothers.
They had great luck fishing today.  They found several and more puffer fish.
Baylor found a crab.
Their fish and crab treasures.  The crab was eating some of the fish.
It was another great day.  We ate a late lunch and swam and then Mimi and Baylor took Pop to the airport during nap.  We were sad to see him go but had so much fun with him.  We went to Target at night and spent a long time in there because it started to rain really hard.

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