Friday, July 20, 2012

Baylor's First MLB Game

Friday was the last day of class for the big boys.  They both have had a great week!
Cooper loved art class and had the best time.  His teacher is an elementary art teacher and she was so good with the kids.  He loved going every single day.
Friday is also prize day and he got a stuffed dog.
Today was cake wars day at the bakery.  This is Baylor's finished cake.  He did great and it was quite tasty too!
This was one of the camp counselors that Baylor loved.  He had the best time and is already talking about going back next year.  He also loved Friday because it was soda day and they could drink as many cans of coke from the bakery.  When they got home we all went swimming at the pool and then headed in for nap.
Then Baylor's fun day continued.  Tom had been in Wisconsin at a meeting and flew in to Tampa.  His flight was delayed so we drove Baylor to the outlet mall to meet Tom half way.  He was so excited to be going to his first MLB game.  It was a date for just Daddy and Baylor.
Daddy and Baylor.  They had great seats at the game and had so much fun.  While they were at the game Mimi and Mommy took the littles to the outlet mall and then we went to Yoder's for dinner.  I ended up taking home a whole fresh peach pie to enjoy all by myself!  
He loved the game!

Baylor was so close he was able to catch two balls.  He was so excited!
All smiles.
Baylor was determined to stay for the whole game.  The game ended up having 14 innings.  
With their balls.
The Rays ended up winning after 14 innings.  It was a late night!  It was also run the bases night so he was able to run the bases at the end of the game.
He had a great night with his Daddy!!!

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Brownie Bunch said...

What a perfect night to make memories. I bet Baylor remembers this forever.