Sunday, July 8, 2012

Santa's Back

For the past few years we have been on vacation at the beach at the same time as Santa.  We thought we would miss him this year since we are here later, but Santa had so much to do at the North Pole he couldn't come to the beach until July.  We were so excited to spot his car with the reindeer and him on Sunday afternoon.  The boys were happy to see him at the beach.
Looking for shells.
I don't know how he can see.
The sandbar was huge today.
Digging together.
They made three different holes and we made drip castles today.
Mimi brought us McDonald's for lunch today and we ate at the beach.
It was a fun treat.
Coop's hole.
Baylor at work.
Parker loves to use big shovels.
They enjoyed watching the big boys play paddle ball.
More skim boarding.
Good moves.
He likes to watch other people skim board too to get some new moves.
We went to dinner at Demetrio's and then went to Books a Million.  The boys got some new books to read while we are here.  Baylor is trying to keep up on his reading.  Can't believe schools starts so soon!!!!

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