Monday, July 9, 2012

Baylor's Mosaic Class

We headed to the beach again this morning.
It was another gorgeous day!
The water has been so clear and calm and is perfect for the boys to swim.

So pretty!
He loves the water.
They have been busy doing tricks in the water.
Love this picture.
Double handstands, they need to work on their form.
Little swimmers.
Digging brothers.
He never wants to let go of his big shovel.
Enjoying the beach.
Coop was building a hole to put fish in after he got them in his net.

After eating we went to the pool to swim for a bit before Baylor had to go to art.  Parker had fun playing with his boats.
The boys had fun playing with them too.
Happy boy.
The thunder clouds rolled in and it started to rain which made it easy to get the boys out of the pool.
Go Coop!
He loves swimming.
Baylor was excited to go back to mosaic class again this year.
He wanted to make a shark this year.
He had to paint his shark first.
Then add glitter to the entire thing.
He worked hard.
Mimi went with him to help.
Great work.
Looking good.  He goes back tomorrow to finish his shark.  Tonight we went to El Adobe for dinner and then the rain had stopped so I took the boys swimming at the pool when we got home.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Love the mosaic class, what a fun experience!