Monday, July 2, 2012

Shark Tooth Hunting

Monday morning Mimi and Pop took the big boys to Venice to go shark tooth hunting.

 Baylor went last year with Pop and Coop was excited that it was his turn to go too this year.
 They ended up having great success and found around 50 teeth.
 It's hard work.
 A little sand on his nose.
 Pop said Coop was really good.
 Working together.
 Doesn't it look like they are best buds and would never ever fight with each other!

 They left around 9:00 and didn't get back to the condo until 5:00.  Park and Mommy spent the day at the pool and had a low key day together.
 Coop loved using the big scoop.
 He was determined.
 After hunting they went to Sharky's for lunch.
 Coop was worn out.
 After late naps we went to Phillippi Creek for dinner.
 He loves the big turtle.
 He wanted to wrestle the gator like they do on Gator Boys.  He loves that show.
Pop and his pals.  

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