Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drum Circle

 In the morning I took the little two boys to the pool to swim for a bit and Baylor went to the beach with Mimi and Pop.  Hopefully it was a little quieter for them:).  When we got to the beach Coop was ready to look for fish.  He actually got a baby blowfish in his net today.
 There was a great little spot by the shore for them to skim board today.  They had some great moves.  
 Cuties at the beach.
 After spending the whole morning at the beach we went to the pool and ate lunch and then swam until nap time.  They had fun playing ball with Pop.  
 We went for dinner at The Cottage in the village.  I had my favorite meal again but Mimi wasn't too sure about her meal.  It was a little scary!
 Then we headed to the public beach for the drum circle.  It's crazy and so crowded but fun to watch.
 The boys had fun dancing, hula hooping, and playing with the sticks.  There is great people watching all around.  Park wasn't too sure of some of the belly dancers.
 It was such a pretty night!
 We walked down the beach and watched a really pretty sunset.  
Afterwards we went to The Orange Octopus for ice cream and then had to hurry back to watch an all new episode of Gator Boys.  I've never watched so many shows on Animal Planet in my whole life.  Mom and I just laugh and say here we are watching all of these boy shows we never thought we would be watching.

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