Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Day with Pop

 Saturday morning we were up and ready to go to the beach.  The seaweed had finally made it to shore after the tropical storm but it was a nice day on the water.
 Coop was determined to catch fish in his little net today.  He actually caught two little fish all on his own!  Way to go Cooper!
 Beach bum.
 Fishing with Pop.
 He was busy digging.
 He likes the great big shovels.
 Lots of skim boarding again today.
 Coop is so determined for a four year old.  He wants to be able to do whatever Baylor does.
 He falls down and gets right back up.
Pop helped them throw their boards.
 In motion.
 Love the sky here.
 Building in the shade.  This picture looks like they are playing so nicely together but the sound is edited out:).  I'm sure they were arguing over something, just kind of where we are at right now.
 We found some sand dollars.
 Pop surprised Mom and I with a fun night out.  We all went to Demetrio's for dinner and then dropped off the boys and Mom and I headed to the Asolo theatre for a play.  Pop bought us tickets to the theatre and provided his babysitting services.  They had movie night at the condo and watched Pirates of the Carribbean.  It was a fun and quiet night!
The show was great and was so much fun.  Afterwards we went to get ice cream and enjoy a few last minutes of peace and quiet.  Thanks Pop for a fun night!!!!

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