Friday, June 8, 2012

Shell Seekers

 Friday was our last day at the beach.  Why does vacation always go so fast? 
 It was a beautiful beach day!
 The kids were on a mission to find lots of shells today.
 They started out right by the shore.
 Baylor loves to find the little cocina shells.

 A little water fight.
 It was so calm today after two days of big waves.
 Dan and some of the bigger kids went out in the waves and there was a whole shelf of shells.  They found some really big ones.
 Sydney with her shells.
 Whitney with her good shells.
 Love this boy.
 Gabrielle worked hard to make sure her shells were perfectly clean.
Looking for treasures.
Big ones.
Carl getting carried out.
Daddy took the little boys to get hair cuts in the morning, he looked handsome.
He loves the water.
Baylor found a little squid.
He was excited.
Pretty girl in the shade.
Love this smile.
On a mission.

Run Run!
Daddy found some good shells too.

Nick came back out to help the boys boogie board again.
What a nice teenage boy taking time to help little boys.
Park found a good spot to watch.

Mr. Cooper.

The boys played some bocce ball with Daddy.

After the beach we head to the pool.  We ate lunch there and spent time swimming.

He loves for Daddy to throw him but he is getting heavy.
Eli and Baylor.
Go Parker.

There goes Eli.
Hi Eli.
We left around 4:00 to start the drive home.  Let's just say it was a long way home.  I was definitely ready to get out of the car.  The boys did pretty good and we stopped around 12:00 am in Georgia for the night.

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