Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slip n Slide with Ethan

We had planned on swimming again today but the roofing was still going on so we had Jen and the kids come over to play in the backyard on the slip n slide and in the sprinkler.  It was a hot day but there 
was a nice breeze and the shade in the back helped.  Bax was at the groomers which helped since he isn't a fan of the sprinkler.
 Coop and Ethan playing on the phone before heading out.
 Baylor had art camp again today and Mimi brought him home for me.  As soon as he pulled up he took off his shirt and shoes and ran on the slip n slide.
 Go Baylor!
 Coop's turn.
 Coop can go really fast on the slip n slide.
 Modeling on his way down.
 Go C.
Fun times.
 We had a picnic lunch outside and afterwards we hooked up the crazy sprinkler.
 Coop kept spraying with the hoses.
 They were having fun.
 Ethan still didn't want to get very wet.
Sweet baby girl.
Taking a popsicle break.

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