Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Rain

 After a late night and long day at Disney we all slept in and got a late start.  It was really cloudy and windy so we went to the pool.  The kids had fun playing at the pool.  
 We were able to stay at the pool until nap time and even ate lunch there.  Then it started to rain again but it worked out for us.
 He loves to swim.

 They all had fun together.
 Coop is a fish.
 Look at all these kids.
Miss Cutie.
Lunch time.
We got inside right in time before the heavy rain started.  We were able to watch people running in from the beach from our front porch.
By dinner the sun was out and the clouds had parted.  We went to St. Armand's and ate dinner at the Columbia.
Since it had rained we had to sit inside on the fancier side of the restaurant which was a little interesting with five little ones but we survived.  The food was great but the service was super slow tonight.  All in all the kids did great.
After dinner we walked around and went in some shops and got ice cream at Kilwin's.
Baylor and Eli.
We stopped and listened to The Garbage Men Band.  They made all of their instruments out of trash and they were so good.  It was neat to listen to them.
He made sure we went in his favorite store too, FantaSea.
Always a good night at St. Armand's.

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