Saturday, June 16, 2012

Championship Baseball Game

On Saturday Baylor's baseball team played in the championship game.  He was so excited we were home and he was able to play in the big game.  They had to come early to practice before the game.  It was a hot day and the team was tired at game time, but they were pumped up.  Our first game was at 11:00 and if we would happen to get beat at first game we had to play another game right away.
Getting a pep talk from coach.
Play ball!
Baylor struck out his first time at bat and then had two great hits.  He was so happy to score.
The other two players who played catcher during the season were on vacation so Baylor played catcher the whole game.  He did great but was hot in all the extra gear.  He loves playing catcher.
On first.
Baylor is great at running the bases.
He's a fast runner.
He's had a great season and loves baseball.  It's been fun to watch him.
Love his smile.
Running hard.
Love him!  And he scores.
And the Rangers won in an extra inning 6-5.  It was an exciting game.

He was so excited!  I had to leave early for my shower and he called me and was so happy.  Daddy said he was grinning from ear to ear.
Go team.
Thanks Rangers for a great season.  It was fun to watch!

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