Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharky's Kid's Night

 Last night was kid's night at Sharky's.  We love going there, it is so much fun.
 Checking out the crabs.
 The racers.
 We had to wait a few minutes for a table and B sat with Mimi.
The boys were excited for face painting.  Baylor picked a shark on his arm.

 Looks good.
 Coop knew right away he wanted Spiderman on his face.
 The view from our table.
 Parker was going to get a pirate face but afer he saw Coop he changed his mind.  Parker as Peter Parker.
 Coop and Mimi.
 Cheering on the crabs.
Love my big boy!  He was crying on the way to dinner because it was Daddy's last night.  He's a big Daddy's boy.
 Another race.
While we waited for the last race we walked out on the pier.  
The last race.
 Both big boys won on the last race.  They were happy.
They both got to pick prizes.
We are excited that  we get to go to kid's night two more times.

I am linking up for Embrace the Camera this week.  Love having pictures with our boys at my favorite vacation spot!