Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Games

Monday was a beautiful beach day.  The sun was shining bright and the clouds were so pretty.  The kids all enjoyed boogie boarding and playing in the big hole with steps that Tom dug out for them.  

Tom and I had planned some fun beach games for the kids with prizes.  It was fun to watch and the kids enjoyed it.  They did crab races, beach long jump and a relay where they had to hold a ball with a shovel and pass off to their partner.  The kids got candy, pool balls, paddle balls, and squishy balls.  
Cuties at the beach.
After lunch our family went back to the beach for a bit and the boys worked on skim boarding with Daddy.  They love to do it over and over again.  Baylor is really getting pretty good!
Then it was pool time with the other kids.  There was lots of throwing going on and tons of splashing fun.
The whole group of 17 went for dinner at Philippi Creek.  We had one long table and the kids all sat by each other on one side and the adults sat on the other.  The kids did great and had fun.
After dinner we went to the Village and got ice cream at Big Olaf's .  I love all of these ice cream smiles.  They look happy!  Parker even ended up with my cone too and shared it was Miss Kate.  She kept reaching for him to get a bite.

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David said...

Its always great fun with kids :)

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