Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swimming with Ethan and Baby Gabrielle

The boys had camp again this morning and then we grabbed Arby's for lunch and met Jen and her two babies at the pool.  The kids ate first but really were ready to get in the water.  Park and Ethan eating lunch together.
We were happy Mama came outside to sit in the sun for a bit while we were there.
Sweet baby smiles.

Ethan was pretending to fish.
He caught a big one, named Baylor.  Ethan thought it was so funny.
Ethan is not a huge fan of the pool but did sit on the raft with Parker.  He was splashing me and thought it was funny.
Fun times together.
They were both splashing me and just laughed and laughed.
Such a pretty day.

Popsicle time.
So cute.
Miss Gabrielle liked the pool and was busy splashing and kicking.
What a great day at Mama's house.

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