Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baseball Awards and Celebration

Baylor was so excited after the big game on Saturday.  It will definitely be a season to remember for many reasons!
We went to dinner at Pizza King and then headed to the ball diamonds for the celebrations and awards.
There were lots of inflatable for the kids to enjoy.
The slide was a hit.

Baylor and Cooper did it again and again.  Parker finally got out of the stroller and gave it a try too.  He loved it all.
Coop saw Jace and spent time with him.
The obstacle course was fun too.
He was determined.
He made it up the wall all by himself.
Go Coop.
He was so hot and sweaty after playing.
Then it was time for a snow cone break.
Park was fine to get in his stroller when it involved a snow cone.
The winning Rangers all sat together for the awards ceremony.  They were all so excited.
Baylor and Carter.

The Rangers won the championship!  They won two trophies at the awards ceremony.  The first trophy for being in second place at the end of the regular season and the second trophy for winning the tournament.
Baylor and his coach.  Coach Thrasher did a great job with all of the boys and was an awesome coach for Baylor.
All smiles.
I was teary eyed when I took this picture.
Coop and Mia.  While they were waiting for it to get dark so the fireworks could start the kids had a dance party in the front to the music from the DJ.  Coop was dancing like crazy but was so dirty!!!!
The night ended with fireworks.  It was so dusty my pictures all turned out terrible.  Baylor said it was the best night!

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