Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pool Day with Friends

 After camp we headed to Mama's house to swim.  It was our first time in their pool for the season and we were excited.  They got a new liner and the pool looked great.  Maddy, Drew, and Jack came to swim for the day and all of the kids had a great time!
 Maddy swimming.
 Maddy and Baylor had fun playing on the raft.  They were playing shark attack, they have great imaginations.
 We brought a picnic lunch and ate outside.  Drew and Coop.
 Maddy and Baylor.  Not sure about his face here.
 Park and Jack eating.
 Go Jack!
 Drew underwater.
 Parker had so much fun.
 Getting ready to jump.
 Mr. trouble!
 Coop and Drew.  Drew just lost a tooth so he was proud to show it off.
 Water games.
 Later in the day when we were home Baylor told me mom, Maddy is my best friend.  He was excited to pick out her birthday present and wanted to get her lots of new earrings.  He really loves her!
 All the kids having a popsicle break.
 They had fun playing tag in the back yard too.
 Jack is so funny, he cracks me up.
 Ready to jump.
 We love SUMMER!
 Go Maddy!
 Go Baylor!
Go Drew!
We all had fun and spent the whole afternoon at the pool.  Everyone was ready for a nap when we got home!

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