Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Night of VBS

Tonight was the last night of VBS.  The boys have had a great time and have loved going each night.  While Baylor and Cooper were at VBS, Parker and I went to Mimi and Pop's for dinner with Mama.  
 Mimi and I went to the closing program to watch the boys.  Coop was singing and doing all the motions. 
He's my future joy jammer.
Bible school was all about the life of Daniel.

 Baylor singing in the front.
 All week there was a contest between boys and girls.  They were raising money for the Blind School in India and collecting peanut butter for the food pantry.  The girls ended up winning and Pastor Hubert and Pastor Andy got pies in the face.  Miss Mary ended up get one too. The boys loved it!
 Baylor and Jack.
 They had a great week.
 Pastor Andy and Baylor.
 Baylor and the lion.
 Coop and the lion.
Baylor and Maddy, best pals.  After the program there were root beer floats for everyone.  We then hurried home to finish packing for our very early flight in the morning.

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