Friday, June 1, 2012

Dare Park

We ate breakfast each day outside on the deck.  They have a great view of the water and the boys love to eat outside.
Playing on the swing set.
Fun times.

Parker went on the tube for the first time.
He went slow and really enjoyed his ride.  Since the water was calm it wasn't too rough for him.
Some of the homes on the water are massive.  This house is really neat.
We were headed to Dare Park to spend the day.
We were able to dock the boat and spend the day at the park.
The sandy beach there is great and has a great swimming area for the kids.
Parker loved digging in the sand.
Playing ball with Pappaw.
Cooper loves the sticky ball game.

Mammaw and Baylor.
Parker hard at work.
Going on a ride.
Lunch time at a picnic table.
Such a great spot for lunch.
More water fun after lunch.
Coop getting high.
He loves Daddy to throw him.

More tubing before heading in for the day.
Baylor Man on the tube.
Parker fell asleep on the boat again.
He was worn out from all the swimming and playing.
Fun day.

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