Monday, June 18, 2012

Art Camp, Splash Pad and VBS

Today was Baylor's first day of art camp.  The art teacher at his school and another in our district teach an art class at a local park during the summer.  Baylor was excited when he found out we would be home during one of the weeks.  He had wanted to go last year too so he was super excited.  When I picked him up he didn't want to leave.  He was working on this wonderful cardboard city.  They also worked on masks and huge paper airplanes.
Grant with his Darth Vader mask.
We had planned on going to Mama's to swim with our friends but they are getting a new roof so we had to have an alternate plan.  We met at a new splash pad and had a picnic lunch.
 Being silly!
I'm scared.
After lunch we hit the 
 Grant is such a great big brother.
 Sweet Maddy.
 Drew is so sweet too.
 These two were having fun using the buckets to cover the water.
The boys were busy playing water wars.
Coop was on a mission to get Baylor.

 So fun.
 Baylor and Maddy have fun together.
 He didn't know Grant was right behind him with a bucket full of water.  
 They were all busy playing.
 The splash pad was really nice.

 The whole crew.
 Baylor and Maddy's poses crack me up.
 Lots of boys and two sweet girls.
 Thankful for these sweet kids and their moms who make my life fun too!
 Afterwards we went to DQ for a cool treat.

 All gathered around Maddy.
Being silly once again.  Afterwards Baylor got to go home with Maddy and they played on the slip n slide.  He had one jam packed day.  Then I picked him up in time so he could change in the car and then we went to pick up his friend Jack for VBS.
Tonight was the first night of VBS at our church.  The boys were excited to go and Baylor was super happy that his friend could go with him.  We ended up taking Jack's older brother, Ben, too.  They all had fun and enjoyed the first night of bible school.

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