Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Day

In the morning Daddy and Baylor made breakfast for everyone.  Baylor is really into to cooking right 
now and was excited to make french toast and eggs for everyone.
 We knew rain was on the way so we headed out to the beach to make the most of our day.
It was cloudy with a few rain sprinkles but we didn't care.
Daddy was with us all day and he threw the skim board for the boys over and over again.
They love doing this over and over again.
Even when they fall they fall they get right back up again.
There was a strong current in the ocean, but nothing compared to the next few days.
Having fun.
My beach bum!

And in case you are looking for a new speedo, here's one!
The rain started to come so we headed to the pool to swim for a little bit before lunch.

After lunch it was pouring so Mimi and I took Parker to the outlet mall.  We found some great deals for the boys for next summer, matching clothes X 4.
The big boys were happy to miss out on the mall and they went to see Madagascar 3 with Daddy.  They also got new hats at Lids and were super happy.
We met each other at El Adobe for dinner.  It ended up being a fun filled full first day even in the rain.

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