Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daddy's Work Party in Tampa

One of the reasons Daddy had to be in Tampa this week was for the Backyard Bash for the Florida Office. We were looking forward to a fun filled day but then the rain escalated to a tropical storm named Debbie.  Lots of the fun activities that were planned were canceled because of the weather.  We still had fun and enjoyed ourselves even though we were soaked.
The location for the bash was a huge outdoor recreation center with playgrounds, trails, golf, petting zoo, and more.  You had to park and then take a tractor ride through the "jungle", according to Baylor, to get to the party pavilion.  They did pass out ponchos to keep you dry.
Baylor thought this was a little scary.
There was lots of good food for lunch.
Hungry boy.
There was a clown who did baloon animals for the kids and face painting.
We went through lots of swords during our time there.  They would pop if they touched the ground or picnic tables.

Daddy had to give the opening talk and welcome.  They still had a good turn out even though the weather was awful!
He picked the Green Lantern mask.
Pirate Parker.
They love throwing balls at the dunk tank.
Coop's turn.
Daddy took them outside to jump on the bungee trampeolines and they were all wet!
They all had several snow cones.
I think Baylor tried every flavor they had.
Orange sword and snow cone.
They ended up shutting down the party early because of tornado warnings in the area.  We drove back to Siesta Key in some pretty heavy rain!  Thankfully I brought dry clothes for everyone and they all felt better for the drive back.  All three boys took a nap on the way back to the condo.
We came home and got Mimi and went to JoTo in the village for dinner.  We were the only people in the restaurant so our chef spent so much time with the boys and they had a great dinner and a fun evening.

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