Thursday, June 7, 2012


 One of our very favorite places to go is Sharky's.  The boys love going there while we are at the beach.  On our last night together we all went for dinner.
 We had a great table right by the beach and it ended up being a pretty night.  The kids all picked where they wanted to sit.
 Sydney and Baylor have fun together.  They are both going to be in second grade next year, I hope they are in the same class. 
 Park loves Miss Sydney too.  
 Miss Kate looks so big sitting in her high chair.
 Coop loves Whitney.  I brought all the kids grow sea animals and bubble necklaces.  They played with them at lunch.
 Such a fun group.

 Such a fun group.
 They had a perfect spot to eat ice cream.
 Miss Gabrielle eating her ice cream.
 Silly kids.
 The Miller family.
 My crazy crew.
 Brian, Carl, Tom, and Dan.
 The Schultz family.
 The Brown family.
 Our family take 1.
Take 2.
 Eli and Kate with their sweet Momma.
 We walked out on the pier.  The kids  were having fun watching people surf.
 We saw a sea turtle and had fun watching people fish.
 One man even let the boys take turns holding his different poles.
 Watching them cut up fish for bait.  They were all fascinated.
Another great night at Sharky's.  Kid's night starts the end of June and we are going to go each week we are there.  Crab races and face painting here we come!

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