Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beach Fun

We were excited to hit the beach on our first morning.  It was a beautiful day.  The kids had so much fun.
Coop, Sydney, Whitney, and Baylor spent most of the time in the water on the boogie boards.  I ended up walking to the beach house to get a few more boogie board because Parker was crying that he need a "skateboard" of his own.  So funny.
Eli, Coop, and Gabrielle playing in the hole.
Parker spent time in the little water area by us on his skateboard.  He would run and lay on it and then have kids pull him around.
He loved it.
Gabrielle and Coop.
Miss Kate.
The boys.
After lunch the kids had a popsicle break at the beach.
You have to lick fast.
Coop found a good spot.
Miss Sydney.
Kate had a great spot in the shade.

Making pancakes.
The big kids took turns burying each other.
For dinner we went to dinner at the Cottage in the Village with the Schultz family.  I loved my dinner, delicious!

We also went to Big Olaf's for dinner and then stopped at the Beach Bazaar for a surprise.

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