Friday, June 15, 2012

InstaFriday: June 15

I've missed InstaFriday over the past few weeks mainly because I was missing the collages on picknik but now picmonkey has collages and it's so easy to use!  Here are pictures from our past two weeks.
1. Baylor loved fishing at Pappaw's house.
2. One night at dinner Kate took off her headband and Baylor put it on.  Looks good buddy!
3.  My boys.
4.  He dropped his pole so he took off his pants to get it out of the water.  
5.  Kate is such a good baby!
6.  Daddy and his boys.
7.  Fishing in pjs.
8.  Parker loves baby Kate.
9.  Baylor actually fell asleep one day in Florida during nap.  He was tired.

1. Cooper loves babies and loved holding Kate.
2.  Dinner at the cottage was interesting in the cabana.
3.  Coop got a snorkel and wanted to check it out right away.
4. My favorite vacation meal.
5. I had a great time with Nicole.
6. Baylor eating gator.
More Disney Fun!
1.  Pool days mean great naps.
2. Fun with friends.
3. Love swimming.
4.  Cherries always make me think of Mama.
5. Underwater pictures are fun.
6. Eli is turning 3 and we miss his party so we wanted to give him his present early.  Happy Birthday Eli!
7. Just a relaxing.
8.  Coop decided to play fall baseball instead of soccer so he's been practicing.
8.  Baylor had his last practice this week.  His team is in the championship game on Saturday.  Go Rangers!

life rearranged

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