Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big Waves

Today was a little cloudy but ended up being a great beach day.
The storms from the day and night before made for some great waves in the gulf.
The cutest beach baby!
Baylor was busy making pancakes with the girls.
Park is going to take the skim board for a ride.
It's a little heavy for him.

Baylor loves the ocean.
Coop riding the wave.
He had the best time.
B ready to head out to the waves.
It's even fun to watch.
Gabrielle is so sweet.
Two cute four year olds.
Hi Eli.
Whitney and Baylor.
Baylor made sand faces.  He was quite proud.
Hard at work.
Lynlee and Coop spent a long time playing with the ice in our cooler.  It was funny to watch them.  I think they thought they were doing something they were not supposed to and were acting all secretive.
Finding shells.
Park was a little crabby and tired and fell asleep after a short walk on the beach.  He took a nice nap in the stroller and then another nap in the afternoon.
The dads played a game of Bocce ball.  The kids watched.
During this time Coop made a friend, Nick.  Nick helped Coop wax his skim board and taught him how to do it.  He was so nice to him.
Coop was so happy.
He's awake.

A cool sand shark.
Love her suit with a tutu.  
Parker kept wanting to kiss Baby Kate.  He loves her.
After the beach we went to the pool and swam until the rain started to come right in time for nap.

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