Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day

Monday morning we watched the weather and it was going to be another full day of heavy rain.  We ended up calling the art studio where Baylor went last year and there was a class for both big boys at the same time all week from 10-12.  They both wanted to go so they hurried and got ready and Mimi took them in a downpour.
We picked them up and headed to the movie to see Brave.  We stopped in the food court at Chick Fil A first to get lunch.  This was Parker's first time at the movie.  He didn't make it for much of the movie, he's just too loud:).  It was actually a little slow at the beginning for him and then had several scary parts
Baylor loved the movie and thought it was great.

Once Mimi took Parker out Coop sat on my lap the rest of the time. He was scared of the bears and worried about the mom.  He did shed a few tears.

I would agree with Baylor that it was a great movie.
We came home for nap and then met Daddy at Cosimo's for dinner.

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