Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday: June 29

Here's a look at our past two weeks via my phone.  You can follow me on instagram, jessieannhurst.
I can't believe June is almost over, slow down time!  I don't want summer to be over!!!!
1. Life with boys.
2. Quiet cartoon morning while B was at art camp.
3. Packing.
4. Baylor on the slip n slide at Maddy's house.  Love this pic!
5. Art work.
6.  Love this of Daddy and our baseball champion.
7. Splash park love.
8. Slip n slide love.
9. Old blog pictures of Maddy and Baylor.  They look like babies.

1. He's my dish washer unloading helper.  He can reach up high.
2. The big boys before VBS, they had a great week.
3. Park and Uncle Joe.
4. Early morning ride to the airport=tired boys.
5. Covered in paint after art camp.
6. A giant shark he made for his room at art camp.  He had a great week.
1. On our way from the airport I saw this road, Sawyer Road, in Sarasota.  Can't believe our littlest guy will be here soon.
2. Breakfast chef, he made us french toast.
3. Madagascar 3 and Lids with Daddy for the big boys.
4. A game of cards before bed with Daddy.
5. Coop fell asleep before the movie.
6. Parker fell asleep on the way home from the outlet mall.
7. Wet work party, ponchos and all.
8. The balloon swords were a hit.
9. JoTo  for dinner.  The chef was so nice to the boys and gave them melted chocolate for dessert.
Snail hunting was so much fun!  The rain brought them out.  We found lots and the boys loved it.  I liked it too!!!
1. More chocolate.
2.  The first sunny beach day.
3. New surfboards for Baylor's new room.
4. Playing legos while his brothers were at art camp.
5. The waves were huge during Tropical Storm Debby.
6.  We saw Brave during the storm.
7.  Shopping with boys.
8. Watching the trash truck is so much fun.
9. Parker loves to dig.

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