Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lake Martin

On Day 2 we ate breakfast outside and then headed out for another fun day on the water.
The boys couldn't wait to get outside
Lake Martin is so beautiful and the water is so clear and calm.
Since it was during the week there were hardly any boats on the water.
Funny boy.
Excited for tubing.
We beached the boat and got out to find more rocks and look around the shoreline.
Baylor was a great rock collector.  We found lots of big ones and then Mammaw is using them in a rock garden.
The water was warm!
Then we anchored out in the water and the boys played.
Lots of jumping.
Pappaw and Baylor.
The boys with Pappaw.
We ate lunch on the boat.
A great place to eat.
Then it was time to tube.
Parker watching.
The water was perfect for tubing.
The two little boys were worn out and fell asleep on the ride back home.  
I stayed on the boat with them while they slept.  Then it was time to head in for the day and have dinner.  The boys were all worn out from so much fun.

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